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Whispering Springs Water Company is located in North Central Indiana on a natural aquifer originating 320 feet beneath the surface. This aquifer has been determined to be one of the purest in North America. We have a natural as well as an Artesian Spring. Both of which draw from similar aquifers.

Whispering Springs plant and warehouse is 20,000 square feet situated on approximately 94,000 square feet of land, with adjacent properties available for expansion. The Artesian well is located on the main plant property. Directly across the street is the place of the orginal spring, which only one of three is being sourced.

Both Whispering Springs "Spring Water" as well as the "Purified Drinking Water" have been awarded the Silver Medal at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, which testifies to the quality of our natural spring water.

Whispering Springs...Not From A Municipal Source

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